Client: A Metal Shredding & Recycling Facility

Location: Seattle, WA

About the Project

A scrap metal processing facility in Seattle, WA had an existing treatment system which had fallen into disrepair with age.  The treatment equipment had been installed and mobilized by a company which is no longer in business, so the facility and their engineers turned to Clear Creek to bring their facility into compliance.

Clear Creek worked with the facility and their consulting firm to determine the most cost-effective way to bring their site back into compliance.  Clear Creek performed a reload of their existing filtration media pack and tested a variety of adsorptive media side-by-side to determine which blend was most effective on their unique stormwater runoff.  A long-term in-field pilot test is currently being performed to provide information on media longevity, comparing two proprietary media blends.


Services Provided

  • Water Treatment System Design
  • In-House Bench Testing
  • In-Field Pilot Testing
  • Analytical Sample Collection
  • Feasibility / Cost Benefit Analyses

Technology Provided

  • Mechanical Filtration
  • Adsorptive Media Filtration
  • Constant Compliance Mobile Monitoring Skid
  • Remote Monitoring

Project Statistics

  • 8 – Acre Site
  • Discharge to 303(d) water body
  • Pollutants:  TSS, Metals, PCB’s, Hydrocarbons, Organics, BOD/COD