Client: A Timber Processing Facility

Location: Northern California

About the Project

A timber facility in Northern California had an existing bioswale to treat their stormwater runoff.  The bioswale was effective in reducing pollutants, but not to their benchmark requirements.  The facility was subjected to a third-party Clean Water Act lawsuit, and they needed to fast-track a more robust treatment solution.

Clear Creek performed multiple bench-scale tests on stormwater from the facility, and worked with an environmental consulting firm to design a treatment train that utilized the site’s bioswale for polishing.  The treatment system uses chemical precipitation to reduce contaminants prior to the bioswale.  The treatment system effectively treats up to 25 million gallons of stormwater runoff yearly.


Services Provided

  • Fast Track Installation
  • In-House Bench Testing
  • Lift Station Sizing & Design
  • Water Treatment Plan Submittal
  • Long-term O&M Assistance

Technology Provided

  • Chemical Precipitation
  • pH correction
  • 2,000 gallons-per-minute
  • System Automation & SCADA Capabilities

Project Statistics

  • 24 – Acre Site
  • 2 pumping stations, 1 outfall
  • Discharge to Surface Waters
  • Pollutants:  Turbidity, Cu, Zn, COD