Yukon Technology Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe work environment for all of our customers, partners, and team members. This dedication to safety from our suppliers through Yukon Technology and to our customers, provides a safe product which maximizes uptime and keeps people working. It is essential that we conduct all of our operations with a safety-first mindset.

The commitment to safety runs throughout Yukon Technology Incorporated. It is important that conducting a job or project safely is the top priority of all team members. It takes everyone’s focus on safety to ensure the safety program is properly executed, followed, and altered when appropriate. This circular safety feedback loop is important to ensuring success of the program.

The backbone of the safety program are the following three key pillars. First, is that we have a written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) which is provided for each incoming team member. This plan provides the basis for how each team member should conduct themselves which on the job and what each team member can expect of the company.

The second pillar is the right to “Pause the Job”. If a team member sees an unsafe act or situation, they have the right, and responsibility, to Pause the Job. This allows the team member the time to properly mitigate the hazard to the appropriate level and then continue at the appropriate time. This policy is supported by the Yukon Technology management team and ownership.

The third pillar of the safety program is the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) meeting which is conducted before each shift or work location. These meetings outline the expected tasks, responsibilities, possible hazards, and ways in which hazards will be mitigated. These JHAs can be modified at any time due to a change in the situation or hazard assessment of anyone involved in the task at hand. These safety meetings are intended to inform the team as to what hazards are expected was to mitigate them, and to ensure proper PPE and tools are used for the job.

Additionally, all Yukon Technology operators are first aid and CPR trained, and confined space certified (Company policy restricts our employees from entering confined spaces with a hazardous atmosphere). Yukon Technology supervisors are minimum OSHA 10 Hour trained.